Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Taste of Korea's Samgyeopsal & Manila's Yakimix

It was only last year when I started fancying all the restaurants here in Manila that began offering those smokeless grill arrangements. So why just last year? Well, I had a trip in Jeonju, South Korea last May that pretty much had the same setup (but looked a lot simpler). 

Anyway, the first dinner meal that my brothers and I had on our first night there was a mix of different beef cuts, which were actually cooked by means of grilling. And since the servers couldn't speak in english that well, my kuya took the initiative to point at what most of the customer's were eating. Eventually, they understood what we wanted to order and then gave us our own grilling unit.

Check-out the Menu at the back of my Kuya & my little brother - pure korean characters!
A few garnishes for our beef strips!! Yum!!

It was a restaurant that offered teflon-looking units where you can grill beef portions and some veggies. And after being given our personal grilling unit, the waiters started placing several bowls on our table that contained different kinds of organics. These included Korea's famous kimchi (served in other makes), fresh lettuce, different mushroom types, cuts of garlic and onions, and other vegetables that tasted great when grilled. We later on found out that this was Korea's famous 'Samgyeopsal' -- thanks to Google!

Anyway, you're probably wondering as to how we ate these foodstuff. Well, if you knew how to eat a Burrito, then you'll surely get the hang of this Korean dish. I for one would take a piece of Lettuce, stuff it with beef strips and all the other grilled veggies that could still fit into the wrap. I would then roll the Lettuce and start munching mouthfuls of it! =P 

Now, my kuya was actually funny yet smart as he was carefully and attentively watching some of the customers with their cooking and eating habits. He eventually figured how everything was supposed to work, and we were able to eat our food almost immediately. The different kinds of beef strips were really tasty, and the veggies actually complemented the beef. But what's even better is that they also had Coke to complement the whole meal altogether. Kuya laid off on the Coke though and ordered Korea's famous HITE beer instead. He loved it actually and ordered a couple more.


I actually miss eating in this specific restaurant in Jeonju. It got me so hooked that I immediately googled the same setup here in Manila. Lo and behold, Yakimix popped into my screen. But after seeing how much a buffet meal would cost me from this restaurant, I decided to save up for it first. So one rainy July night, my boyfriend and I finally drove ourselves to Yakimix's Tomas Morato branch. 

For less than a Php700 price offering (unlimited food and drinks!), we were able to sample almost everything that was offered -- except maybe for the seafood portions since I was allergic to some of the selections. Anyhow, here are a few snapshots from our feast then (sorry for the low-res photos..only took these using my iTouch):

Our first plate which contained mostly pork & beef cuts, skewers, bacon wrapped mushrooms, etc.
My unlimited Blue Lemonade drink -- with my usual Maki fave's! =P
GRILLING TIME! =) *Still can't get enough of the Kimchi sides.. will always love Kimchi!!
Different cuts for grilling.
Wanted to really sample these Crab Sticks but couldn't since I didn't bring my anti-histamine meds. =(
The dessert area
Yakimix's desserts were actually delicious especially this slice of Sansrival cake.

I have plans of going back. But not anytime soon. And as much as I love the food and the ambiance, I would probably dine there if a special occasion was worth celebrating and splurging money on (well that's just me!). For now, a first try should be enough.

Anyway, should you need any additional information on the prices and branches, you can just click this link.

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