Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take a bite into Swirls N Sprinkles customized cakes

I've always had a liking for cupcakes, especially the unique-looking ones. I remember lazing around, feet up on our living room table, while watching marathon episodes of Ace of Cakes. I love their work!!!!! And because of that show, I googled the same cake art here in the Philippines. Good enough, my research-savvy-self did not disappoint me. My fondness over these dessert goodies escalated more when I discovered Swirls N Sprinkles.

Swirls N Sprinkles owners, Nadine and Jeff were two of the most nicest people. My first order from them was smooth and was well-worth the investment. Moreover, my cupcake topper pegs were also made to perfection. They made my ideas into actual creations! =) 

I personally ordered 40+ different customized toppers (every piece had something to do with my kuya's life), which to me was not an easy job. But they've managed to deliver more than what I've initially expected to receive. Here's my first batch of cupcakes from Swirls N Sprinkles, 40+ birthday cupcakes for my Kuya who turned 4.0 last year:

I was super happy with the results that I made sure to place an order from Swirls again. And so I ordered a customized cake in time for my Ate's 51st birthday. I sent out a photo of Horton - the famous elephant character from Dr. Seuss since she loves elephant's. Horton was actually the perfect cake topper. Anyway, here's what Nadine & Jeff created for me:

Photo courtesy of Swirls N Sprinkles
Photo courtesy of Swirls N Sprinkles 
Photo courtesy of Swirls N Sprinkles

My latest addition from Swirls N Sprinkles was another batch of birthday cupcakes (for my Kuya again). This year, I've managed to order 2 dozens that had a white layer on each cupcake, topped with black T-Shirts (my Kuya's signature outfit!). I wasn't able to take clearer photos though. But here's one sample:

Swirls N Sprinkles offers a wide selection of mouthwatering cakes. They have different sizes, varied flavors and toppings that also go with their sumptuous creations. 

So there you have it! Should you have any orders, do try Nadine & Jeff's exquisite and affordable handiworks. Not only are these flavorsome pieces super moist, these are the best-tasting customized cakes yet! =) 

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