About Sinigang Junkie

I've developed a liking for this sour-tasting Filipino soup called "Sinigang" ever since I was a kid. It had me attached for the longest time, that Sunday's at home will never be complete without this tasty dish. So if you ask what our *ulam is on a Sunday, you probably know the answer to that already.

Sinigang has been a tradition for us. An instilled culture. A Filipino home-cooked viand that my family and I will forever have attachments with -- something that I will never get tired from eating.

Putting that into perspective, naming my website 'Sinigang Junkie' was the perfect entree to my blog. A personal food blog that will not only showcase a Filipina's fondness over Sinigang but also of other food-loving stories.

*Ulam is Tagalog for Viand

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