Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Birthday Burrito Buffet!

I recently blogged on how birthday celebrations were usually held at home. I also shared the usual viands that we typically serve during our parties. Now, here's something different to add into our yearly traditions -- A Birthday Burrito Buffet!

My brother, who recently turned 26 last Monday cooked up a Make-Your-Own-Burrito dinner for our family and friends. And since it was a Make-Your-Own thing, I've managed to create my own by laying out a piece of pita bread on a plate, and then started filling it with some ground beef. This was followed by a few additions of Chicken chunks, some salsa, and then a slather of sour cream. After I was done putting in all of the ingredients, I wrapped and folded the pita bread. 

Anyway, this burrito feast was also a totally different experience, and it certainly deviated from our usual fried chicken and spagetti servings (the pizza's and cakes were still present though -- hehehe!).

Ok, so on to our Mexican creations. My brother by the way cooked everything from scratch! Just see for yourself...

BEANS.. =)
WITH TOASTED PITA BREADS (in small and big selections).. =)

I actually forgot to take a photo of the ground beef, which was actually the main ingredient to the Burrito. So I hope the food shots above make up for it. 

And of course, who wouldn't forget the addition of Pizza's into the party. Thank you to our dearest teachers (family friends) as they've kept it a tradition to bring Shakey's Pizzas to each of our birthday gatherings.

And as always, a few more food shots from the party..

Our favorite pizza flavors from Shakeys! =)
We will never get tired from eating our Hawaiian and Pepperoni treats!
Beating the summer heat with these ice-cold Coca-Cola drinks! =P

Before I end this post, I would like to once again greet my brother a Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Burrito & the other food shots (especially the Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse cakes!).. until the next post!

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