Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sinigang Junkie - That's Me!

I've been meaning to share my food experiences ever since I became active in promoting my travel blog. I have had a constant love affair with food (well who doesn't??), and I felt like I needed to create a food journal that would help document all of my adventures and misadventures concerning the matter.

I guess, this is the best time to share one of the few things that I love to do other than travel, and that's to eat and to explore new dishes!

And of course, what's with the name right? Well, as I was thinking of catchy blog names and quirky catch phrases, I suddenly came up with SINIGANG JUNKIE. 

Sinigang Junkie was born out of my deepest love for a well-known Filipino dish - SINIGANG! I've always loved sinigang, and our Sunday lunches would not be complete if we didn't have this dish on our dining table.

Now, Sinigang is a soup that has a very sour taste to it. And no matter how the ingredients may range from one Filipino kitchen to another, this well-loved dish will never deviate from its sour-tasting feature. In our home, our version of Sinigang will always include either cut pieces of pork and/or beef (some even put fish or shrimps as an alternative), Sinigang mix (usually Tamarind based), sauteed diced tomatoes and onions, radish (labanos), Kang-Kong (sometimes referred to as swamp cabbage or river spinach), a few pieces of green chili pepper, and some Taro slices (known as Gabi in Tagalog).

Mommy... eating Sinigang at Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw & Foodhouse by Mall of Asia

So how's that for an introduction? =)

Anyhow, I will be starting from scratch, and will write about my future food posts real soon!

For now..

Explore & Be Free,

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