Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Birthday Celebrations - An Absolute Food Gathering

One of my brother's is celebrating his birthday today. I'm sure, he'll be cooking something later that's very delish like he always does. 

In lieu of his natal day, birthday's in the family have become more than just a yearly tradition for us. Other than the fact that one more year is added to our age, our special gatherings have become one to look forward to.

And because of this, I would like to share the food staples in our humble gatherings every time a family member celebrates his/her birthday. Predictable as it may seem, I'm sure our family and friends will never get tired off our usual set of dishes. Here's just a few photos of our served dishes yearly

Pizza's from Shakey's

Spaghetti in Red (tomato-based), White Sauce (cream-based/Carbonara) or Oil-based

Amber's Palabok and Pancit

BBQ and Chicken that's either fried, dipped in oriental sauce or grilled

Burgers and Fries

And of course, Cakes & Ice Cream and a whole lot of toppings for dessert!

That's all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed looking at all of these food shots as much as I loved eating everything that was posted here!

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