Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken - Two Thumbs Up!

I'm sure all of you have tasted Bonchon's korean-style soy garlic fried chicken. I have several times now, which lead me to try one of its closest competitor's: 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken4 Fingers was established by 4 foodie friends who shared the same passion for 'fine wines and top nosh'.

4 Fingers soy garlic chicken is actually my go-to comfort food whenever I frequent the food establishment. I would usually order the set meal instead of the ala carte since it saves me more money. 

And last Friday, during the onset of SM North Edsa's Forever 21 opening, my boyfriend and I decided to eat at 4 Fingers after an hour's worth of clothes browsing. I was so dead hungry that we immediately ordered their set meal of 6-PC Chicken with Fries and drink (we had the fries changed to rice instead), and ordered another 1-PC Drumstick with Rice and drink as an extra. So by doing a little math, we were served 3 small wings, 3 medium-size drumsticks, and 1 big drumstick. 

6-PC Chicken (soy garlic) with Rice & drink at Php204.46 (w/o vat)

1-PC Drumstick (soy garlic) with Rice & drink at Php88.39 (w/o vat)

We also ordered their Red Iced Tea since that was our favorite (although we had the option of choosing softdrinks too). 

As for our sides, we also ordered our favorite Kimchi Coleslaw.

2 Kimchi Coleslaw orders at Php98.22 (w/o vat)

Other than its affordability and quality in taste, 4 Fingers is definitely a great alternative to Bonchon. It definitely stands out especially with their signature flavors. I guess I'm just really enamored by this korean grub since I love anything that's soy, garlicky and spicy. 

How about you -- have you tasted 4 Fingers soy garlic and spicy chicken? =) Would love to know your thoughts about it.

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