Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obey your thirst. Obey your passion.

SPRITE would have to be one of my soda favorites. Their out-of-the-box concepts, especially those seen from their viral videos and commercial ads definitely gets me all hyped up. I've always loved Sprite since I was a kid. And seeing them go beyond the limits of satisfying millions of people around the world is something extraordinary.

I'm also an avid YouTube watcher, so when I came across one of their videos, I knew that it was going to be something fun, exciting and explorative. Here's a copy of their Urban Desert video:

I've always known the brand to put everything 'all out there'. The company never fails to encourage others by telling them to "Obey Your Thirst" --- which may also mean "Live Your Passion". They're simply encouraging people to live their life and to do what they love. The principle behind this product made me remember The Holstee Manifesto. With that, you'll be assured that anything that you set your mind to is doable and possible.

So what are you waiting for? #ObeyYourThirst now!

Explore & Be Free!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Find affordable Cebu Lechon Liempo & Manok at CHIC-BOY

I probably went on a chicken and pork overload ever since Chic-Boy was established. Not only were their food offerings infused with cebu-inspired recipes, the prices were also very cool on the eyes! I loved the affordability that this Filipino restaurant offered. Their ambiance was also as refreshing (homey fixtures, wide spaces).

Nurturing my love for chinese food at Kowloon House

Ever since I was a kid, my father would treat me and my brother to either Ma Mon Luk or Kowloon House. Kowloon House, being the nearest Chinese restaurant from our house, was a frequent go-to place by my dad. Whenever he comes home from work, he would sometimes surprise me with this humongous Siopao. From then on, I found my love for chinese cuisines -- all thanks to my father.

I was very reminiscent of the place and was truly craving for some chinese food, so Rubel, me and my sister decided to dine at Kowloon's West Avenue, QC branch. It was also raining that same day, so it was the perfect place to get some hot noodle soup too.

For starters, I ordered their Jumbo Pao and a bowl of Beef Wanton Mami. The sweet tasting bread of the Jumbo Pao (the special siopao) was packed with ground meat and salted egg. Every bite was delicious, as the blend of sweet and salty-tasting ingredients really complemented each other.

Jumbo Pao with its usual sweet and chili sauce (Php55)

An outdoor dining experience at Spagetti Factory

I was still in college when I first ate at Spagetti Factory, and one of the stores that I frequented was their Glorietta 2 branch. So, whenever I had extra time, my friends and I would dine here. 

I was actually saddened when its one-and-only branch in Makati was affected during the big explosion in 2007. They had to close the whole Glorietta 2 section because of the major damages that were incurred. Fortunately, Ayala Mall was able to put up a new building -- Glorietta 5, which later on accommodated my long lost Spagetti Factory! :)


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