Saturday, April 14, 2012

A good combination of Yellow Cab & Green Coffee

One of the reasons why my whole body keeps getting rounder (especially my tummy and thighs) is because of my love for food. I used to join runs and go for jogs 3x a week to help trim the fat. But all that's changed. Yes, I'm yet to blame for my laziness to exercise but I just can't help but eat, sit, and work. 

Anyway, my boyfriend and I just simply love to go on food trips. Other than our shared passion for traveling, eating and exploring new dishes would be something that we just can't help indulge on. And yesterday, as he came home from work, we decided to hit our favorite pizza place for an early dinner date -- Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab's pizza's are definitely my favorite amongst all the other pizza establishments here in the Philippines. Having just 15 employees in 2001 to over 1,500 employees today, you can be well impressed with how this chain has expanded throughout the years (has a number of chains in over 5 countries now).

In my opinion, the variety of pizza that they offer, as well as their selections of pasta's, appetizers and more, definitely complements my taste palate. For starters, we got ourselves some cold drinks (to help beat the summer heat!) and 4 pieces of hot wings.

Rasberry Sola (Php 50) and Coke in can (Php40)
Hot Wings at Php220
The next order that was served to us was our 10" #4 Cheese Pizza with extra roasted garlic and pepperoni. #4 Cheese is actually my favorite amongst all the other flavors. =)

Look at those cheese bits and roasted garlic pieces! Heavenly!!! 
The #4 Cheese Pizza was Php 320. The additional toppings cost Php45 each.
We were served our Big Potato Wedges afterwards. And must I say that I was in Carbo heaven while eating my Yellow Cab treats! =)

These wedges came with the Garlic Ranch Dip (Php160)

We were indeed full from our dinner but we've managed to squeeze in a little trip just across Yellow Cab. We dropped by this new coffee place called Green Coffee, and sampled a slice of their Oreo Cheesecake.

But before I get to my cheesecake review, let me describe Green Coffee a little bit more. This cozy coffee shop is located at the ground floor of CTTM Square. It is perfectly situated beside The Imperial Palace and the Tomas Morato-Timog Circle. 

The newly opened 24/7 store also boasts of its cozy interiors and fixtures (their menu was evenly distributed on four of their flat screen tv's!). Also, the brown and green tones inside the store matches the organic name to the brand. Now, Green Coffee not only has two receiving areas, it also offers its customers free wifi access.

Taken from inside the store 
This photo reminded me of this one cafe I visited in Jeonju, South Korea -- Brown City.
A closer look at their affordable chilled pastries and beverages 
Now on to our order...

Since I wasn't much of a Milk-Tea-with-Salt-and-Cheese kind of gal (I prefer the regular flavored ones) -- and this may have been their best seller yet, I tried their Oreo Cheesecake instead. 

Here's a few shots of our milky-cheesy pastry from Green Coffee:

A big slice of Oreo Cheesecake for only Php120 -- not bad! 
The Oreo Cheesecake from Green Coffee reminded me of Starbuck's own version of it. Although the latter's creation offered a smaller slice and a moister filling to it, Green Coffee's own cheesecake still passed my standards. The cake was a big dessert slab and was really a delight on its own. And even if the cheesecake was a bit firm compared to other makes, this slice right here still kept me biting for more. And for a price offering of Php120, it was worth that extra space in our tummies! =)

Although the wifi wasn't really that working well on my iPod, I would pay this nearby coffee shop a visit again. I heard they're also offering other goodies (such as pasta) so I'll definitely drop by soon.

All in all, our food trip was well worth the money and commute. Scorching through the summer heat just to get a fill of these sumptuous dishes made up for all of our frustrations.

Until the next mouthwatering post..

Explore & Be Free!

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