Sunday, April 29, 2012

A different side to McDonald's -- Sampling McCafe's treats

I've had the opportunity to witness one of the most awesome job's a kid could ever hope for, and that's to become a part of the 2012 McDonald's Kiddie Crew

Photo grabbed from McDonald's Website

My 7-year old nephew and 5-year old niece have recently finished their week-long Kiddie Crew Duty (they participated from 3-5 PM). They were asked to do a bunch of things. But most of their time were also devoted to singing, dancing, eating, cooking burgers and more.

Now, the best part about the whole activity was watching them "work" in real time. They helped take the orders and prepare the food & drinks. They also said their usual "Hello Po!" and "Thank You Po!" whenever somebody picks up their orders from the drive through area. They were quite disciplined, which was nice to see from afar!

Anyway, before my actual McDonald's food post, here's a few snapshots from their fun adventure:

Grabbed from my cousin's! =)

Anyway, on to some McDonald's food review! =)

While waiting for the kids to finish from their uber fun job, my cousin (the little girl's mom), their brothers and I sampled a few Mcdonald's Cakes and Coffee drinks from McCafe (Quezon Avenue branch). 

My cousin and I ordered one slice each of the Nutty Brazo and Blueberry Cheesecake. I also got her a medium cup of Americano, and for me a Mochaccino. Now, here's our verdict...

Php95 per slice of Blueberry Cheesecake

McCafe's version of the Blueberry Cheesecake was to me, 3 out 5 stars. I think I was just smitten by Starbuck's and Green Coffee's own Blueberry treats that I really noticed how McCafe's cheesecake lacked that certain creaminess. It was a bit dry for me. Also, Green Coffee's was still a winner for me since they had a generous topping of blueberries on their own custard creation. But on a good note, McCafe's cake serving was big enough for our personal liking.

Php58 per slice of Nutty Brazo

Our next dessert treat was the Nutty Brazo. Now, this to me was 2 out 5. I commend McCafe's for creating this differently (putting an oomph factor to the basic rolled cake's soft meringue and custard filling by adding some nuts and cinnamon). But after just a few bites, I went back to my Blueberry Cheesecake. I loved the nuts but the cinnamon just overpowered the Brazo De Mercedes. 

Php100 for a medium-sized cup of Mochaccino

I'm a coffee addict but the Mochaccino didn't quite do justice for me. I guess I just love tasting the richness of the coffee in all of my drinks. Anyway, I was only able to drink half of the cup since it was too chocolatey for me. Then again, I did order the Mocha blend. =P I guess, I would've loved my cousin's Americano better than this one (Php88 for a medium-size cup) .

Anyhow, what's your personal take on McCafe's offerings? Our food session was ok. I'll just have to try their other drinks and pastries. =)

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