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If you're looking to blog-hop just to check-out... mouthwatering posts and new delish places to visit within the Philippines and Asia.. 

Then stay where you are! SINIGANG JUNKIE has got you covered!

Stay put.. but make sure that you keep your mouth's closed and your eyes wide open for the photo-heavy posts!

But if you're looking for tips on how to:
  • Travel on a budget 
  • How to apply for a Korean or US Visa 
  • How to go around HKG, SIN or BKK for the best shopping havens 
  • How to simply know where to tour when you're in the Philippines 
  • Know where to go for meaningful photo walks in Manila 
  • Know where to find the best beaches in Asia
Then you've got to check-out BUDGET BIYAHERA. =)

Blog hop now and don't forget to say hello!

Explore & Be Free!


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