Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sampling Green Coffee's Buy-1-Take-1 Coffee Jelly Freeziccino

I still have an hour until my sister's plane lands on LAX grounds. So while waiting to get updates from her arrival, let me share to you my earlier visit to Green Coffee.

As you all know, I've recently blogged about my first try at this new coffee shop by Tomas Morato. And what got me to come back was Green Coffee's Buy-1-Take-1 promo of their Coffee Jelly Freeziccino. I was given the promo code for this after retweeting one of their messages on Twitter. Lucky for me, I received the golden DM! Ok, so I was only allowed to redeem the code until April 24. But since my boyfriend wanted to try the Freeziccino right away, we decided to avail of the promo this afternoon. 

Upon entering the store, one of GC's crew members immediately greeted us with all smiles. I believe this was Diane. I went by the counter to tell her about the twitter-promoted drink. 

It was a hassle-free transaction as I was only asked to show the DM and my Twitter ID. I then paid for the drink and ordered an extra TUNA PESTO PASTA for dinner.

Ok, so our drinks came first. Now, this was not my first time to try a coffee jelly drink, as I had my first taste of it in Starbucks. But Green Coffee's version of it was pretty commendable.

The Coffee Jelly Freeziccino was overwhelmingly good, as there were jelly chunks with every sip that I made. The coffee jelly also had a very black coffee taste, which emphasized that bitter-kick to it. Yes it was strong. But it didn't leave out any bad after taste, which was actually great. 

Now, the whipped cream on top of coffee had just the right sweetness. And it complemented the coffee flavor really well. The cream simply melted along with the drink -- so kudos to Green Coffee for creating this outstanding beverage!


Other than our chilled beverage, we also got to sample their Tuna Pesto Pasta. This spicy red sauce pasta contained generous slices of sauteed red bell pepper, onions and tomatoes. It was also garnished with a few peanut bits (probably walnut) and some minced basil leaves. It also had a good amount of tuna chunks, which was matched with a small piece of toasted bread (it tasted like it was well-soaked in butter). Moreover, the tangy and spicy flavor to the pasta was just the right combination. It surprisingly went well with our Coffee Jelly Freeziccino too. 

Now, our Green Coffee dining experience didn't end just yet. We still ordered some dessert afterwards, from which we chose to sample their Blueberry Cheesecake (we tried their Oreo Cheesecake recently). 

Green Coffee's Blueberry Cheesecake was comparable to Starbuck's own version of it. Only that GC's tasted even better. The cheesecake and the crust stayed firm to our every bite. But what was more noteworthy was the generous topping of the blueberries. We really felt like we weren't "tinipid" (please help me find the english word to this!) with this order.

All in all, our visit to Green Coffee was again, well worth the commute. I would have to commend Diane, the pretty and nice crew member for remembering my name all throughout our stay. When we left the shop, she didn't fail to bid us goodbye. How's that for a charming personality!

Green Coffee certainly offered good food, a good service and a well-managed crew. What else should you be looking for?

So should you happen to be in the area, do stop by. You'll feel right at home, and will be surely smitten with their treats.

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