Thursday, June 28, 2012

An outdoor dining experience at Spagetti Factory

I was still in college when I first ate at Spagetti Factory, and one of the stores that I frequented was their Glorietta 2 branch. So, whenever I had extra time, my friends and I would dine here. 

I was actually saddened when its one-and-only branch in Makati was affected during the big explosion in 2007. They had to close the whole Glorietta 2 section because of the major damages that were incurred. Fortunately, Ayala Mall was able to put up a new building -- Glorietta 5, which later on accommodated my long lost Spagetti Factory! :)

My cousins and I had to run errands in Makati, so before anything else, I took them to eat at Spagetti Factory for lunch. All four of us, including my niece ordered different viands from the menu. I, for one, ordered my usual tomato based fave BOSCAIOLA Penne pasta. The Boscaiola is cooked with shitake mushrooms, peas, herbs, tomatoes and chili flakes, in olive oil with garlic. 


My lady cousin on the other hand requested for a pan of regular size ITALIAN SAUSAGE PIZZA. This particular Italian dish was served with salami, pepperoni, bacon and mozzarella cheese. She also added some onions and bell pepper for an extra charge of Php20 per ingredient.

Italian Sausage Pizza Php159 + Php40 for extra toppings

She also ordered the Vangelina's Spareribs (also referred to as Baby Back Ribs) for her 5-year old daughter.The spareribs meal, which was priced at Php259, was plated with tender roasted pork baby back ribs, fresh vegetables and smoked honey guava pepper sauce. Surprisingly, my niece almost ate all of the ribs from her plate! Well, these were actually tender, tasty and juicy. So I wasn't surprised when Teyt liked her food selection.

My guy cousin, who wasn't much of a big-eater, only ordered the Lasagna. Spagetti Factory's version of it had alternate layers of meat sauce, white bechamel, pasta sheets, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Lasagna Php149

Anyway, while we were waiting for all of our food to be served, we started with our fruit shakes and with our platter of Caesar's Salad. This goes with the traditional recipe of parmesan,  anchovies, bacon bits and caesar's dressing.

Caesar's Salad Php149
All fruit shakes priced at Php89
[Teyt, sipping her Watermelon fruit shake]

All in all, my cousins and my niece enjoyed their outdoor dining experience in Spagetti Factory. They were impressed with the ambiance (since we had a nice view of Glorietta outside their store), the service, the taste, the price, and of course the freebie mint candies that came with our bill. 

How about you, have you visited the Spagetti Factory yet? :)

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