Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bite into BIG BETTER BURGERS juicy burgers!

I've always loved burgers, especially the ones that were hot off the grill. So when we discovered BIG BETTER BURGERS, I felt that it wasn't going to be just any ordinary burger joint.

So right after finishing our errands at the mall, Rubel and I decided to eat lunch at BBB's branch in SM North Annex. I already knew what I wanted so I ordered my usual fave of Hahalapeno Burger. This was typically stuffed with jalapeno salsa, cheese, lettuce and ketchup. I'm a spicy eater, so this was a sure win for me! Plus, I loved how tender BBB's patties were. :)

Hahalapeno Burger Php152

Rubel on the other hand requested for the BBB Quarter Pounder with cheese (also combined with lettuce, tomato and dill onion mayo). We also had a side order of Potato Wedges with the dill onion mayo dip, which we knew was a great combination. :)

BBB Quarter Pounder with Cheese Php109
Wedges (Php65) with Dill Onion Mayo dip (Php20)

Now for a little trivia! 

BBB's burgers are made from fresh, pure-beef burger patties. These are typically infused with their special seasonings. The patties are grilled and smoked to juicy perfection, whilst sitting on their special dill and onion mayo, topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato and encased in a special country bun.

You can also find out more about Big Better Burgers extensive menu by liking their Facebook Page.

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