Friday, June 1, 2012

Pepper Lunch 101: Cook your beef slices immediately!

I fell in love with Pepper Lunch ever since the beau brought me to their Shangri-La Plaza Mall branch a few years ago. I first ordered the Beef Pepper Rice, and have been hooked to it since then. So whenever I dine here (whichever branch I may be), I always order the same thing.

I also found an opportunity to eat some late lunch from their Megamall branch right after visiting my friends Bridal Fair booths. So we ordered each a Beef Pepper Rice and had this combined with the Bonus Meal promo for an additional Php 60 (1 drink + 1 side dish of choice).

Rubel ordered an iced tea drink and a bowl of "Kuromitsu" or Caramel-flavored ice cream. I, on the other hand, ordered a glass of Coke Zero and a bowl of seasonal soup, which was then Corn & Crab soup.

According to Pepper Lunch, the secret to the juicy and tender taste of their dishes lies on the use of their patented electromagnetic cooker -- one that's been patented in Japan. The cooker is also heated up to 260 degrees Celsius, which helps cook the food quickly. But still keeps the contents hot and sizzling for a few more minutes.

Now, there's also a certain process when it comes to eating a Pepper Lunch dish. As soon as you get your heated cooker, turn and flip your meat slices right away. You will need to do this quickly so that you can cook the meat completely. Otherwise, you will be left with nothing but raw, half-cooked beef strips.

Unturned slices of my Beef Pepper Rice (Php 215 if ala carte)
Cooked meat slices mixed in with my rice and sweet corn bits. :)

When you're done cooking the beef slices, mix it with your chosen sauce. You can choose to use either the Honey Brown Sauce or the Garlic Soy Sauce. I actually like the Honey Brown sauce, added with a few more sprinkles of pepper bits. :) The sweetness of the sauce actually complements that bit of saltiness from the beef slices.

My order of Crab and Corn Soup was also very tasty and delicious. We could actually taste the crab essence from the soup. Then I realized that Pepper Lunch used fresh crab bits since my seafood allergy resurfaced a couple of minutes later. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my oh-so yummy soup despite the health mishap!

Crab & Corn Soup. :)

I wasn't able to take a photo of Rubel's ice cream anymore. But he praised it so much that he immediately thought about getting seconds. Although that didn't happen anymore. :)

How about you? Have you tried dining in Pepper Lunch lately? What do you usually order?

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