Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating 52 years with Goldilocks and Dolora's

Our Ate Luz recently celebrated her 52nd birthday. She's been with us for almost 2 decades now, and we are so grateful that she's still taking good care of us. We just wanted to surprise her for her birthday this May, so we made sure to buy the best tasting Pancit Malabon from Dolora's. And of course, a big Mocha Chiffon cake from Goldilocks, which I absolutely love.

The Pancit Malabon from Dolora's has been the best Pancit Malabon that I've tasted so far. Other than my Amber's favorite, Dolora's would have to be the first one on my list now. A bilao that was worth P550 was already good for 15 people. It had generous amounts of shrimp pieces (which I avoided from eating), big chicharon bits, hard-boiled eggs slices and more. And the best part of Dolora's creation was you no longer have to put any calamansi to your Pancit. The calamansi zest was already mixed into this sumptuous Filipino viand. It was truly love at first bite!

A Pancit Malabon order that's good for 15-20 pax is worth Php 550

If you're in the Quezon City area, the nearest Dolora's branch would have to be the one in E. Rodriguez. You can call them to place your order. You can either pick up your bilao from their branch or have it delivered for an extra charge of Php50, I think.

All in all, Ate Luz was surprised with what we've given her. She was thankful for our presence and gifts, and of course for another blessed year ahead.

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