Monday, May 28, 2012

Bland Viands at The Old Spaghetti House

I've always been a salty eater. I guess that's me having that distinct Filipino trait for wanting tasty dips and sauces for every meal that I eat. I like Patis (fish sauce) for my Sinigang, Suka (vinegar) for my Longganisa or Tocino, and even Banana Catsup for my Meat balls. So when I recently dined at The Old Spaghetti House, SM The Block (TOSH for short), I noticed a certain blandness to our orders. 

I've been to TOSH several times now. But I've only tasted this 'light' flavor on my usual order of Pesto with Grilled Chicken, for the very first time. If I could, I would, pour in the whole glass bottle that contained the parmesan cheese. I was literally sprinkling the cheese on my pesto dish like a mad lady! The cheese itself was the only flavor that I savored from my Italian viand (spell disappointing!).

Pesto with Grilled Chicken (Php160)

Even my boyfriend's order of Cream Dory with Anchovy & Cream Cheese tasted bland. On top of that, the fish still had that 'fishy smell and taste', which to me was unfavorable as a diner. I would usually just spit out my food once I taste something 'malansa' from my food. My beau didn't even get to finish his meal.

Cream Dory with Anchovy & Cream Cheese with Plain Rice (Php 180)

We also ordered a bowl of Caesar Salad for sharing. The Caesar dip was actually quite tasty (I loved it!). I would've just wished that the servers drained the excess water from the deep dish so that every bite from the lettuce wouldn't be too watery.

Caesar Salad (Php 120)

If we had a different choice for our dinner that night, we would've chosen to eat somewhere else. But it was already past 9 PM when we found only TOSH's doors still open in the area. Anyway, I might just order something different from them the next time -- but that's if I do come back. :I

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