Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A not-so-good Tater's Review

My Kuya left his extra Tater's vouchers to me, so I decided to take my brother and my beau to some Tater's Trinoma food trip. I had about Php 700 worth of gift certificates, so the three of us were able to order a lot for each one of us.

Large Softdrinks. :)

My brother and I both ordered the All-Beef Burger with Barbecue-flavored fries and a large order of Mountain Dew and Mug Rootbeer. When we took a bite from our burgers, the first  few things that we uttered were: DRY and HARD. The burger was a bit of both and wasn't even that tasty. We were actually trying to ask ourselves where the 'beef taste' went. So the only thing that was good about this meal was the BBQ fries. 

All-Beef Burger with BBQ fries and large drink (Php 245)
Sadly, the photo looks tastier than actual. :(

The beau on the other hand ordered a Fish & Chips meal (also came with an upsize drink). He also found the fish to be bland and dry. But the sour-cream flavored chips actually balanced out his negative view of the fish pieces. 

Fish & Chips meal with large drink (Php 180)

We really didn't enjoy what we ordered. I guess, Tater's is only good for their small orders of flavored popcorn and/or chips. At least, we now know what to order the next time.

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