Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ice Cream House sa Scout Tobias

My family still wanted to eat some dessert moments after our lunch at Luk Yuen. They initially wanted Halo-Halo, so we set out to find the best one in the Santolan-Ortigas area -- only to find ourselves back in Quezon City. We were supposed to give up on our search for the best yet affordable Halo-Halo, until we saw ---> Ice Cream House sa Scout Tobias.

Ok, so we gave the ice cream parlor a shot, considering that it was already packed with customers who were mostly indulging on ice delights and pizza servings (Yes! They were also serving pizza.). 

We already requested and paid for our orders even before securing seats from the food establishment. 

Now, one thing that we noticed was the service was a bit slow. You can just imagine how long we had to wait for our orders to be served on our table. 

Anyway, our different ice cream orders came in different times. My Banana Split was actually given to me in a state wherein it already started melting. My initial reaction was -- they could've handed out the order while the ice cream scoops were still rock solid (or something close to that extent). I was left but to eat everything on the bowl, right away. Thanks goodness, the ice cream flavors, whipped cream and nuts complemented each other well. I still managed to enjoy what I bought.

Banana Split (Php89)
The Halo-Halo (Php65) on the other hand was just OK. It still had its usual ingredients (beans, gulaman, sago, pinipig, leche flan, scoop of ube ice cream, milk, sugar and ice shavings), so my beau liked his cold treat. But if you were to ask him, it wouldn't be something that he would order again. His perfect peg would still have to be the Halo-Halo made by Razon's.

Anyway, my cousin ordered a cup of Sweet Corn (a.k.a Mais Con Hielo) for herself, and a Chewy Choco Fancy for her daughter. Each chilled treat were priced at Php 45.

Melting away -- Wasn't exactly what we wanted to see. :(

All in all, I would have to rate our Ice Cream House experience 3 out of 5 stars. The presentation wasn't that inviting, considering how our desserts were already melted when these got to us. But I would have to give ICH some credit, as their price range was really affordable. That just about balances out the odds from our dessert food trip.

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Grace Musni said...

We also tried eating in this shop, and fortunately, we have a better experience. That's because they don't have customer that time. Hahaha. Their food is good though. :D


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